Lots to Explore, and More Features Planned!

The Ardenval-MC server is currently undergoing Beta-Testing. Most of the basic features are already in place (Grief Prevention, Claims, ChestShops, Job Guilds, etc.) but we need lots of players to join the server and make sure everything is working correctly as we continue to add features! If you encounter any bugs, please report them on the Bug Reporting forum. Also keep in mind that the server could be reset at any time if a serious issue arises.

You can view the planned upcoming features, as well as an implemention/development schedule, on our forum. Post a comment or suggestion if you'd like!

What is Ardenval?

Ardenval is the newest Minecraft server online! We are striving to create a "frustratingly fun" Minecraft experience for you by combining aspects of traditional Survival Multiplayer (Grief Prevention, Essentials), Role-Playing (MCMMO), Factions (Townships), and Economy servers (ChestShops). Ardenval is also an economics experiment, utilizing the concept of "Division of Labor" (Jobs) to create a market economy.