The net's newest, friendliest Minecraft server network!

VortexCraft is a friendly, creative Minecraft server network with a warm community and two modes of play: Survival, and RPG (Ardenval). We boast several tutorial quests to help you get started on each server, as well as helpful plugins like GriefPrevention (claims) and Shops (chest shops) for a player driven economy.

In time, we'll eventually add more game modes once enough donations come in to allow us to maintain additional servers. You can donate (and gain VIP rank on all servers!) at our BuyCraft shop. Our friendly community is also accessible via the network's online forum.

Whoever you are and however you enjoy passing the time, there's a place for you on VortexCraft.

Welcome to the network!
(server owner)

Survival Server Info

Our Survival server is Vanilla Minecraft with a few helpful plugins thrown in! We use Grief Prevention to protect your builds and land. There is no "server shop" - the economy is player-driven, so the Area Shop and Shop plugins allow you to sell the items you harvest and craft anywhere on the server.

Ardenval Server Info

Our RPG server, Ardenval, makes extensive use of plugins to create an engaging world suitable for roleplay. Commiting to various military and professional classes will allow you to craft, harvest, or sell particular items. Plugins we use include: McMMO, Multiverse, Other Drops, Silk Spawners, and Townships.

Note that our Ardenval server is currently in-beta.